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NuWine Press comes to Harlem to talk RAW!

We are pleased to announce that NuWine Press ( – the all-inclusive and LGBT-affirming voice of independent Christian publishing and LGBT Fatih Leaders of African Descent will be sponsoring a book reading for RAW: A Poetic Journey – finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation at Hue-Man Bookstore 2319 Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem, NYC on October 19.  More information here!


Review: RAW: A Poetic Journey – Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation

RAW: A Poetic Journey - Finding a Way from Conflict to RevelationRAW: A Poetic Journey – Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation by Aimee Maude Sims
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This is the first book published by NuWine Press: The All-Inclusive and LGBT-Affirming Voice of Independent Christian Publishing. It is a collection of poetry from LGBT Christians and friends. The poems are vulnerable and honest. Each poet is on the path to self acceptance – there are housewives who have just separated from their husbands and acknowledged their sexual orientation all the way to long-time lesbian pastor Barbara Caesar-Stephenson, declaring that her place in heaven is so assured that "You can’t crown Him (Jesus) ’til I get there." The poems are encouraging to anyone who’s ever faced internal conflict – and needed some revelation. It’s a journey worth taking.

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How to be a Christian Without Annoying Everyone

How to be a Christian Without Annoying People to Death

By Aimée Maude Sims

Strife between Christians and gays has come to the forefront.

Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson asserted that religion, and its rejection of homosexuality, played a crucial role in suicides among LGBT youth. A Wal-Mart employee’s firing made national news because she claimed the harassment she dealt a fellow gay co-worker fulfilled the requirements of her Christian faith. At this year’s “The Awakening” conference, a gathering of conservative Christians held at Liberty University, panel moderator and school dean Matt Barber was quoted as saying homosexuality was “hedonism repackaged.” At conservative Christian college campuses around the country LGBT students are speaking up and being silenced.

The fact of the matter is, God continues to save LGBT people.

The mere existence of significant numbers of individuals who are boldly gay and Christian should be proof enough that God is still extending His love toward “Whosoever believes in Him.”

Strife between Christians and homosexuals is an outgrowth of an even deeper dilemma. It started when the first Christian took it upon his/herself to usurp St. Peter’s position at the gates of heaven and broadcast their own very human assessment of who was Heaven-worthy and who was not. It has turned the foot of the cross from a safe space into an exclusive club and turned many unsuspecting children of God into Christians who are truly doing a disservice to the name.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It is a Christian’s duty to share “good news” to those who are in need (Mark 16:15). How you do that makes all the difference. Many individuals form their first impressions about Christianity after an “evangelical experience,” in or outside of a church, where someone has tried to convert them. Sharing your beliefs with someone can deliver fresh revelation or a fresh wound.

Here are a five salient suggestions on how to represent a faith built on the concept of unconditional love. Because the truth is, if you can’t figure out how to reach a soul without being judgmental and offensive, then you don’t want to reach them badly enough .

  • Judge not lest ye be judged: Talk about Jesus – not other people. There is enough material within the gospels of Jesus Christ to address all the concerns that people face. Tell people about Jesus, not about themselves. They are likely not interested in your opinion (John 21:25).
  • Share your beliefs without devaluing other’s: Most people don’t hold their beliefs lightly. Some of the most ardent Christians started out in a different faith. It’s dangerous to create converts to Christianity by undermining other religions. Christianity shouldn’t just be someone’s last resort. Meet a person where they are. Only take them as far down the road to discovery as Christ allows (I Corinthians 3:6-9).
  • Allow people the right to disagree with you: Not everyone is going to believe that Christianity is the way. Not everyone is going to accept Christ the instant you speak with them. You may just be planting a seed. The point of your interaction may simply be for you to become the first non-annoying Christian someone encounters (Proverbs 15:1).
  • Don’t be so easily offended: Christ died to save us. You did not. God doesn’t need us to defend His supremacy. A seeker’s process of discovery is fertile ground for growing faith and relationship. Being defensive only pushes people away (I Corinthians 8:9-12).
  • Leave LGBT people alone: Making the assumption that gay people are lust-driven hedonists condemned by God only reveals deep-seeded ignorance. The fact is, whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Help someone believe. Leave the rest to God. (John 3:16)

If YOU Were Turning 400 …

It’s time to have a healthy discussion about the Good Book.

It’s poetry month.

The Bible is poetry.

It’s 2011.

The KJV has turned 400 years old.

If you were turning 400 wouldn’t you want someone to talk about you?

Welcome to NuWine’s new Readers Writers and Friends forum – a place to discuss all things Christian and literary – good books and The Good Book all in one place.

Join the conversation here!


Poetry Contest becomes Book Project

NuWine Press’ poetry contest, “This is My Story” is now closed. We are currently sorting through the entries and preparing the book. Our hearts are overwhelmed by the stories we have received from believers at various points in their walk with Christ. We believe this will be a powerful book and are putting our team of editors and graphic design people together to create a work that is respectful of the stories we have received, and effective as a witness to the world.

To get all the latest info about what’s next with the “This is My Story Book Project” sign up to our e-mail list by following this link.

RIP Peter Gomes – Re-read Your Bible

Please school yourselves. This was a great man.

Featured Article: Top 10 Ways We know God Loves Gays

NuWine Press has just released a new articles section on its website – to give all of you literary minds some brain food. You’ll find light-hearted, timely and scholarly articles written by our staff and friends to keep you reading and conversing while you’re waiting for the next NuWine Press book to be released. Check in to the website, read an article, leave a comment and enjoy!

Our current featured article is: “Top 10 Ways We Know God Loves Gay People.” Check it out!

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